It's All About Love
Scotty Barnhart - Say It Plain

"Scotty Barnhart's soulful work combines a mastery of tradition with vibrant originality. I love it"

-Bill Cosby

Track Listing

1. Giant Steps [mp3]  
2. Say It Plain [mp3]  
3. The Burning Sands  
4. Haley's Passage (composed for Alex Haley) [mp3]  
5. Dedicated To You  
6. Put On A Happy Face [mp3]  
7. Con Alma (featuring Wynton Marsalis)  
8. Jnana (composed for Dave Monette)  
9. Young At Heart [mp3]  
10. I've Never Been In Love Before  
11. I'm Glad There Is You  
12. Pay Me My Money (featuring Clark Terry)  

Featuring Clark Terry, Wynton and Ellis Marsalis, Marcus Roberts, Jamie Davis…


It has taken half a century for someone to think of what Scotty Barnhart does on this recording of John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ but imagination is never too late in art. Scotty Barnhart thoughtfully selected one of the most difficult tunes ever written to be his opening track for his debut recording, ‘Say It Plain’ and combined rhythm and harmony making it an ingenious and timeless performance.


Say It Plain