If you’ve listened to radio, danced at a club, or played a recording during the past 40 years, you’ve enjoyed the rhythms of legendary drummer Greg Errico. As a founding member of the influential R&B group Sly & the Family Stone, Errico’s innovative use of the hi hat and bass drum on recordings like Dance to the Music, I Want To Take You Higher, Everyday People, Thank You, Hot Fun In The Summertime and Stand, among many others, helped bring about fusion of jazz and rock. For this accomplishment alone, Greg would have deserved his 1993 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the R&B Foundation “Pioneer Award” given to the group at the Apollo Theater in 2001. In the more than 30 years since Sly & the Family Stone broke up, Errico has continued playing and recording on some of rock and roll’s most historic LP’s and tours.

Errico’s list of credits include his ability to play a broad range of musical styles with such legends as Joe Zawinul (Weather Report), Jerry Garcia Band, Grateful Dead and Santana. Greg’s talents as a drummer, songwriter and producer keep him in continuous demand.

Playing has always been my number one interest," Errico states, "but writing and producing are also important. A complete musician has abilities and experiences in all areas. You explore your instrument from writing and producing -- one area strengthens another." Other than raising his children in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greg is currently touring with The Family Stone and a partner of for which he has produced several CD's featuring many world class Jazz musicians. He states "fresh spices improve the cooking".